About Us


Skytree aims to grow big in terms of revenue and manpower by strengthening relations with present clients through client centric & innovative solutions and adding new clients globally.


Our company strives to excel in engineering sector by adopting the latest and smart techniques followed globally.

Skytree – Kokudokoei consulting Engineers is an Engineering consultancy company formed by a team of highly competent engineering professionals in strong collaboration with Japanese well proven 42 years old civil engineering consultancy. The main objective in this collaboration is to transform world’s construction industry using Japanese high end design technology.

At Skytree – Kokudokoei, a group of engineers from various domains have conglomerated to support the aging engineering population of Japan by strengthening their work force with fresh engineering ideas.

It has taken the most challenging task to transfer the tacit knowledge of Japanese technologists to the rest of world construction sector. It aims to improve the design techniques and construction scenario of the countries involved.

This company aims at overcoming the most difficult language barrier which Japan faces and enter into Global construction industry with high impetus.

The team at Skytree-Kokudokoei is capable of designing projects of all types in different countries and has already proved themselves in Japan, India, USA, Philippines, Middle East and UK.


  • With their expertise in Middle East project, and the responsible technical team they were able to deliver our projects with expected quality and less TAT. We highly recommend them to construction industry who will get delighted to avail their services.

  • Skytree has an innovative BIM modelers team who even with Japanese language limitation performed extremely well. They can work under pressure still give the best quality on time.

  • We have been working with them from past 3 years for Japanese Construction Industry design services. They have always matched to our quality & time. We would like to continue with them forever.