Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM is a leading term in fields of engineering, construction and architecture, finds applications in planning, security, maintenance, engineering as well as forensics! Providing accurate results while saving on time as well finances are some of the features of this technology. BIM (Building Information Modeling) on its own is a process to efficiently plan, design as well as construct structures in the modern world using intelligent 3-D model tools. Scan to BIM is a pre-eminent alternative for BIM.

What is Scan to BIM?

Scan to BIM uses laser scanning to create a point-cloud data of any physical space which can later be used to create 3-D models using appropriate BIM software tools. The process of scanning includes using a laser scanner to scan and convert information of the physical space in the form of a number of points. A typical scanner can process as much as a million points per second. More the number of points scanned, better the accuracy of the model. Scanning might be required to a number of times depending on complexity of the environment. However, a single scan requires not more than a few minutes and more often than not a single person. There is no risk involved to any living being or even the building material while scanning. As a matter of fact, it penetrates cracks and defects effectively and is often used in restoration of old structures. Scan to BIM, however, only provides point cloud data. The 3-D model, mentioned, is later created using one of the many BIM software packages.

Following are some of the software packages popular with industries using BIM –

  • Revit
  • Autodesk BIM 360
  • Dassault System BIM
  • SketchUp
  • Archicad
  • Tekla Bimsight

Scan to BIM is the most recent advancement in the field provides real-time updating of model which are also more accurate. It is being fast accepted as an efficient substitute to the many manual surveys and measuring tapes as well as the skill required for the same.

Civil & Structural Engineering

civil and structural
Civil construction Works
BIM Outsourcing in Japan

Skytree provides civil and structural engineering solutions for high rise buildings, industrial structures, power plants, infrastructure projects etc., out of which many of them are located in severe zones of earthquake and few in hurricanes. It serves clients in Japan, USA, UK, South East Asia & MENA with universally accepted simulation techniques & software. We have strong engineering capabilities in using STAAD PRO, ETABS and SS3 matching International standards. The team has expertise and is well versed with ACI, JSCE, EURO, British and Indian codes to perform analysis, design and detailing of RCC, Structural Steel, Pre-stress Concreteand Precast structures. It has inbuilt art of handling engineering as an outsourcing outlet for many parts of the world with most economical & competitive pricing.

Building Information Modelling

Structural Works in Japan
Animated Apartement
4D construction sequencing using REVIT

BIM team of Skytree have a strong association with BIM concept from the time BIM was introduced. BIM is the smartest way of handling the project starting from concept design till completion. The main purpose of this technology is to capture reality, control, improve collaboration, simulate & visualize, resolve conflict, sequence the steps for construction and construction management including costing, scheduling and facility management and present all the aspects of project completely.

Skytree is adept at:

  • BIM Architectural services
  • BIM structural services
  • MEP services
  • 4D/5D simulation services
  • Rebar Fabrication services
  • Clash detection, Rendering & Animation services.

Civil Information Modeling (CIM)

Civil Information Modelling

In civil engineering domain, we have shifted our focus to a fully integrated “Design to Construction workflow, introducing the ability to streamline designs, reviews, cost estimates, constructions and as-builts. To reach here we have thrown 2D mentality out and fully embracing the concept of 3D in construction technology. This technique is an upcoming tool which is going to be a great hit in Construction Industry. Large constructions where the sequences/ planning are prepared by construction managers tend to come cross many flaws which delay the construction progress and lead to monetary losses. These will be definitely avoided by this technology.

Architectural Services

Structural services in Bangalore
Structural designs by Skytree consulting
architectural works

Skytree provides support services to architects for their design development, landscaping projects and to develop 3D models using 2D drawings. We collaborate with architects to perform a particular portion of the design services using Revit modelling, CAD for hand drawn details by Architects.

CAD Services

cad design
cad Virtual Building construction

Skytree provides CAD services in the following areas:

  • RCC Detailing & BBS
  • Structural steel detailing & Material Take off
  • Architectural drafting
  • MEP drafting
  • PDF to CAD services
  • Fabrication and Shop drawings

Any CAD services we provide, we make sure all the engineering inputs are reflected in the drawings/ models and review with engineering point of view.

Structural Assessment and Rehabilitation

Structural engineers using BIM
Structural engineers
structural assesment
Structural engineer
Structural engineers using BIM

In principle, Old and heritage buildings are assessed for the fatigue stresses during their life span. We have been identified as a prime consultant by Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.,(BMRCL) to assess all the distressed buildings subjected to tunneling effects. Till date numerous buildings have been reviewed, assessed and suitable recommendation have been made.

Normally, we assess the structures by visual inspection, study the settlement reading, crack data, tilt and arrive at conclusion to certify the fitness of the structure. Based on the above study & severity of the damage in building, we appropriately recommend the rehabilitation.