Conceptual & Strategic design a device

Analysis & Design

Rebar & Structural Detailing

Construction Documents & Drawings

Quantity Estimation-(BOQ)

As Built Drawings/Documentation

Structural Assessment, Retrofitting & Rehabilitation

Value Engineering


Inobvious strategic manner, we serve the blients by listening to their concerns, understanding their goals and sharing their vision. We strongly believe in striking a balance between art & technology, beauty & strength, innovation & result. We support architect’s ideas in fixing their building layout without compromising the constructability and related challenges.

Analysis & Design

We employ the best universally accepted simulations techniques and software to performs structural analysis & design. We confidently address the complicated structural issues encountered by non conventional concepts and real world challenges.

Rebar & Structural Detailing

Our skills for 2D & 3D structural detailing and modelling is in tandem with the acute demands of the construction industry which results into fast and flawless construction. We believe in using latest detailing software with expertise to enhance the quality of our detailing deliverables. Rebar detailing focuses on detecting rebar clashes & envisages the actual site condition.

Construction Documents & Drawings

All documentation is done as needed for successful execution at site. We prepare such documents from conceptual drawings, scanned images, hand sketches, markup drawings, etc. providedtous.

Quantity Estimation-(BOQ)

Pre bid+ Post bid quantities including detailed calculation provided to contractors with or with out BIM.

As Built Drawings / Documentation

2D/3D Model is generated for maintenance and records.

Structural Assessment

Our core area of expertise also includes retrofitting and rehabilitation of Reinforced concrete, Steel structures for Industrial, commercial, residential and infra projects. Structural assessment is made to determine the present strength & overall stability. We provide early warnings of potential weakness or damage expected which is crucial for safety, insurance of occupants, damage prevention and asset management.

Value Engineering

-Peer review.

-Structural optimization.

Structural Engineering Companies in Dubai

Skytreeconsulting Structural Design Companies in Dubai, we offer an effective and wide array of structural analysis and designing solutions. As a structural engineer, we design, create, solve problems, invent and use up-to-date techniques to shape the world. The beauty we consider is replicated in structures that we use every day; from houses, complex, hotels, hospitals, industrial plant, office building, bridges, and more.

We are intricate at every phase of a structure’s realization and act as a key role in its design and construction. Working with architects, and other specialists, we make abstract designs and make sure that the structure can be made and it is stable and long-lasting.

Structural engineering job includes excessive teamwork, innovative problem solving and hands-on skills such as drawing and sketch, and using computer models to make structures and specifications for our customers.

Skytreeconsulting Structural Engineering Companies in Dubai is a reliable and valued partner who helps to various structural requirements. Our highly experienced and qualified team have the ability to handle multiple projects across the construction industry in the most convenient manner. Our sincerity and complete transparency in all phases of structural design helps to build valuable customer relationships. Structural engineering focusses on building functionally strong and stable structures that can resist exterior and interior forces.

Our structural Design companies in Dubai offers a full range of services depends on extensive project knowledge and inventive thinking. Our structural consultant’s abilities include all types of structural analysis, design, Quantity Estimation-(BOQ), As-Built Drawings/Documentation, evaluations, Structural Assessment, and Construction Documents & Drawings. We support various clients in taking projects from intangible ideas through concluded construction documents and monitor the project during the construction stage.

Skytreeconsulting full-service architecture and structural engineering company in Dubai that delivered conceptual design and construction services for public and private division projects. The company offering a new-fangled construction, restorations, historic preservation, interior design and more. Passionate about distributing structural designing services with maximum quality to customers across the world. Synchronize high-end knowledge with detailed functional experience in Structural Engineering to aid the Customers to their 100% complete satisfaction.

Skytree structural Engineering Companies in Dubai LLC is a leading firm that offers the structural engineering consultancy service across numerous industries. Our team of trained and qualified professionals who can take care of every kind of task in a specified project that ranges from large scale complex to slight invention in drawings. The structural engineering service of Skytreeconsulting is involved in a team of extremely skilled and proficient civil engineering professionals. Supported by vast experience, our professionals have worked on a structural project in different industries such as Oil Refineries, Waste Water Treatment Plants and commercial industry Sectors, etc.