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Structural Design Review and Modification of 300K SQFT Warehouse

The client is a global leader in the supply chain, infrastructure, and innovation head-quartered in Kuwait. The organization is one of the largest private owners and develops warehousing and light industrial parks in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. A few other business areas of the client are aviation services, camps, catering and construction, e-commerce logistics, fuel logistics, and commercial real estate. With an operational presence in above 65 countries and global market access, the organization also maintains a portfolio of innovation, sustainability, and resilience.

Structural Design Audit Requirements by the Client

Finding Skytree as a structural engineering services provider, the client contacted us in the context of their under-construction warehouse. The client was building a warehouse of around three-lakhs SQFT, with a surcharge load on the ground inside the building. The project got assigned to an independent consultant, and the foundation was under construction. However, midway through construction, the client found the designs inappropriate. They approached Skytree for design review and modifications of the drawings ensuring the  safety and stability of the structure.

The documents or input information provided by the client were structural design, drawings, estimation calculation, and comments included by their project engineers.

With minimum modification in warehouse design, the client requested us for re-analysis, reviewed designs, retrofit designs, and drawings complying with IS code. After approval from their site engineer, the client needed to use  these drawings on the site for modifications.

Construction Design Modification Challenges Encountered by Skytree Team

The client requested to minimize the changes  to the structural design, and the contractor was afraid of losing effort hours due to the design changes. Here, the challenge was to ensure the safety and stability of the building structure along with making the minimum possible changes to the original designs. Considering the situation, we rehabilitated the warehouse structure with appropriate measures, economical retrofitting, and minimum changes, ensuring safety.

The original drawings provided to us lacked standardization, and our team partly standardized them for better reference. Convincing the client engineer technically, along with the contractor at the site, was another challenging task that we addressed with the help of our tenured leadership team.

Structural Design Review and Modification Process Followed by the Team

As part of our structural analysis and designing process, the Skytree team followed the below-mentioned process.

Team Formation

After receiving the client's request, we formed a team of structural engineers, having an experience of 8-15 years in the respective domain. A time frame of 3 weeks, i.e., 360 hours, was set for accomplishing the task.


The structural design, drawings, and additional documents provided by the client were analyzed and reviewed by the Skytree team.

Site Visit

A team made a site visit to understand the design loopholes. The team analysed whether the project construction was adequate or not.


Based on on-site review and team analysis, the team redesigned the structure with minimum required modifications.

Technical Discussion

A technical discussion happened with the internal and external teams of the project. Inputs from both teams were considered for feasibility around the construction time and cost.

Retrofitting Suggestions and Delivery

The team made the rectification and provided the design with retrofitting options. The team concluded in-lined with the code and site conditions.

Exceptional Steps by the Skytree Structural Engineering Team

The Skytree team reviewed and ensured the structural viability of the construction design using relevant software. To ensure further accuracy, manual calculation of the entire building structure was done by our highly experienced senior engineers and compared  with the software results to find any discrepancies.

Key Project Takeaways for the Client

As the client expected  minimum modifications, Skytree delivered the reviewed construction design and drawings accordingly . Skytree team avoided scrapping the entire structural design on the grounds of safety and compliance to minimize the loss of the client.

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