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Privacy Policy by Skytree Consulting

This is a privacy policy by Skytree consulting. The page intends to help you understand how we collect, use, and share information about you. Your privacy is important to us, and we appreciate the trust you place while visiting the Skytree consulting website, skytreeconsulting.com.

A visitor’s personal information includes any information that identifies the visitor, name, address, or email details. While using our website, the visitor agrees to the collection and use of information mentioned on this policy page.

Information Collection and its Use by Skytree Consulting

We collect your personal information provided by you to enhance our website and your experience. When using our website and services, visitors provide Personally Identifiable Information (PII), like name, phone number, email address, etc. Skytree consulting uses this information solely to communicate and reply to visitors’ questions and queries.

Information collected by Skytree Consulting includes

  • Preference Data

We collect your marketing and contact preferences.

  • Account and Profile Information

We collect information about you when you register for an account, create or modify a profile, set preferences, etc. It includes passwords, service purchases, profile and registry information, and other details about your profile information.

  • Demographic and Location Data

The demographic data includes gender, zip code, birth date, and other visitor information. We also collect the device location information while visitors access Skytree Consulting mobile application, provided the device settings are enabled and allow for information collection.

  • Device and Connection Information

We collect information about your device, computer, phone, tablet, and other browsing activities. The automatically collected information lists device identifiers, cookie identifiers, device and browser settings, IP addresses, and internet service provider information. And information collection depends on on-site access or use through the website or mobile app, how visitors navigate our site, search information on the site, pages, services, items viewed, and any purchased services.

Skytree Consulting may contact you to provide information related to promotions, new services or products, and Privacy Policy updates on request.

Cookies and Automatic Collections Methods

Skytree and our third-party applications use web analytics cookies and other automatic collection tools to recognize you while visiting our website. The primary purpose is to conduct behavioral analysis and web analytics and enhance our website experience.

The cookies collect information from the visitor’s devices while browsing and accessing our website. For example, when you open an email from Skytree or click on an advertisement by us, information gets automatically collected. Usually, automatically collected information does not include users’ PII unless provided or shared by users.

Automatic Information Collection Methods

Skytree uses automatic information collection methods like:


Cookies are small data files stored on a visitor’s hard drive or visitor’s internet browser. They can be session-based or persistent.

Web Beacons

The small images embedded in websites or emails are web beacons. It shares information about visitors’ devices used for interacting with us.

Website and Mobile Application Log Files

These log files get created in conjunction with access and utilization of our website.

Google Analytics Advertising and Features Opt-Out

Our Google analytics advertising allows data collection of website visitors, which includes demographics, interest reporting, data collection through cookies, and display of network impression reporting. We comply with Google policies, maintaining the PII privacy of a visitor without their consent.

Visitors can click on the Google Analytics Opt-out link if they don’t want to provide any personal information to Skytree through Google analytics advertising.


Skytree may use visitors’ personal information to communicate about new services, products, privacy policy updates, or marketing. We do not engage through unsolicited or automated calls. Visitors may request not to use their personal information for any updates.

Information Security

Skytree values the security of its visitor’s personal information and takes proactive measures to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the shared visitors’ information.

However, Skytree cannot guarantee information security shared through the internet. We suggest our visitors employ a few methods to maintain information security.

  • Periodic review of account and report any suspicious or unexcepted activity to Skytree.
  • Secure your account with a strong password and avoid using the same password for different websites.
  • Sign out or log out after each website session.
  • Secure computers or devices with anti-viruses and complex passwords.

Policy Statement Updates

Skytree can make any changes to the policy statement as and when required. Visitors should check back the policy page periodically for new updates. Visitors continuing with our services are agreeing to and acknowledging, and consenting to the changed policy statement.

Contact Us

Visitors having any concerns or queries about the Privacy Policy statement can contact Skytree at info@skytreeconsulting.com.

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