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Civil & Structural Engineering Services

The Civil and Structural Engineering stream of construction aims to plan and construct architecturally accurate and stable structures. Skytree Consulting provides comprehensive civil and structural engineering services that analyze the construction feasibility and address the design complexities with innovation and sustainability.

Skytree uses advanced design techniques, tools, and experience to work on commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects across the globe. The team comprising skilled civil and structural engineers, architects, and designers, has the understanding of various geographical challenges to suggest tailored services that would help complete the project in time within the budget. 

Our Civil and Structural Engineering Services

Skytree offers highly accurate, precise, time-bound, and detailed services. The primary civil engineering and structural engineering services by Skytree are:

Construction Drawing Services

Skytree understands and evaluates the specific project requirements, varying from commercial to healthcare and industrial, and provides construction drawings based on regulatory norms. We visualize and convert old blue paper prints and concept sketches into 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models.

Structural Design & Drafting

Skytree provides the following:
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Steel structures
  • Post tensioned structures
  • PEB structures
  • Structural RCC dwgs
  • Structural steel dwgs
  • Bar arrangement and fabrication with BBS
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Quantity calculation
  • Residential/Commercial/Educational /Hospitals/Metro

Construction Cost Estimation

Our construction cost estimation services accurately estimate materials, equipment, labor, insurance, taxes, etc., and other costs incurred at the construction site.

Steel Detailing, Shop Drawing & Fabrication Drawing

Skytree follows international standards, such as AWA, AISC, CISC, and ASCE, to develop
detailed structural models. Our detailed shop drawing of prefabricated components supports contractors and engineers in the field. And fabrication drawing helps understand the project design specification.

Structural Modeling & FEA

We use industry-standard tools for FEA analysis that helps analyze unexpected stress, force, and deflections in the project structure. It helps measure a project’s capacity, strength,
durability, sustainability issues, and even of complex structural designs.

Post-Tensioning Design

Skytree Consulting provides post-tensioning design services for a variety of industry verticals, such as hospitals, hotels, high-rise buildings, residential projects, commercial complexes, and other special-purpose structures. 

Benefits of Accurate Land Development & Structural Designing

Benefits of Accurate Land Development and Structural Designing | SKT Service Page Inside Banner

The services by Skytree are highly coordinated and provide an innovative look to your civil and
structural engineering project. The benefits of associating with Skytree are as follows:

Multi-level QC Process – The multi-level QC process by Skytree ensures error-free feasibility drawings and photorealistic design visualizations.

Application of Advanced SoftwareThe civil and structural engineering team at Skytree uses advanced structural engineering software and infrastructure for 100% accurate deliverables.

Follows International StandardsWe follow several global and international standards for structural engineering based on different regions – the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, etc.

Highly Skilled Civil & Structural Engineering TeamSkytree’s highly skilled team can handle complex civil and structural projects and develop construction drawings, structural models, etc.

Improved Data SecurityWe continually monitor and improve our data security procedures and facilities to ensure data privacy and avoid any file corruption or work.

Quick Turnaround TimeSkytree can competently handle complex projects with its in-house engineering team and delivery high-quality services with a quick turnaround time.

Approach Skytree for Civil and Structural Engineering

Exposure to handling complex civil and structural engineering projects gives Skytree the expertise
to understand and analyze project requirements. The team brings a customized solution for
each project through accurate construction drawings, topographic mapping, detailed structural
drawings, etc. Along with architectural, Civil Information Modeling (CIM), and BIM services, our team’s expertise in civil and structural engineering helps deliver clash-free feasible construction designs. Contact our customer care team to outsource your Civil and Structural Engineering requirements.

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