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Post-Tensioning Design Services

The application of post-tensioning is becoming common as concrete structures become more complex with specialized demands. Construction projects incorporate post-tensioning systems to enhance concrete strength under compressive and tensile stresses.

Skytree Consulting increases projects’ efficiency and economy and lowers the lifetime cost of structures with its Post-tensioning design solutions. Skytree Consulting provides post-tensioning design services across various structures and applications, such as health hospitals, hotels, high-rise buildings, residential projects, and other special structures. The team of Skytree engineers assists in designated analysis and design services to deliver efficient and economical design. We use various design methods such as the load-balancing method, rigorous method, and straight method based on structure requirements to enhance the structure’s performance and durability.

Post Tensioning Design Services from Skytree

As a civil and structural engineering services provider, Skytree has a knack for in-depth structural analysis, PT design, cost estimation and much more. Here are the list of PT design services Skytree offers:

Feasibility Study for Post-Tension Application

Skytree does the feasibility analysis of PT slabs, beams, complete floor, and other structural parts using the FE method. We do performance studies on the PT slab concerning ultimate flexural strength capacity, deflection, and sectional crack control. The comprehensive analysis helps derive PT tendons and their profile.

Preliminary Design and Cost Estimation Service

We consider structural design requirements and type of use for a detailed preliminary design. Factors included are shape in the plan, dimensions of spans, column dimensions, live load, sensitivity to deflection, appearance, vibrations, corrosive environments, etc. The material quantities get calculated, and the construction cost of the slab and post-tension structural elements is estimated.

Final Drawings & Shop/Working Drawings

Skytree ensures the project’s developed final drawing and shop drawing comply with the design concept and project specifications. Shop drawings include detailed information such as tendon anchorage installation at corner columns, beam-column intersection, etc. Shop drawing information is structurally adequate to control steel congestion and avoid conflict during installation.

Post-Tension Slab Design

Our post-tension slab design considers deflection and minimizes it to enable a thinner slab system and increase headroom or decrease floor-to-floor height. After considering slab thickness, we consider factors of load balancing, estimated maximum moment due to unbalanced load, cracking check, maximum total defection, and flexural strength to design the PT slab.

Large Span Post Tension Beam Design

Skytree follows various steps for PT design, such as dimension and support conditions, the effective width of flanges, section properties, material properties, loads, and design parameters. Loads include self-weight, superimposed dead load, and live load. Various design parameters for PT beam design are applicable codes, cover to rebar and prestressing strands, allowable stresses, crack width limitation, and allowable deflection.

Benefits of Skytree Post-Tensioning Design Service

Benefits of Skytree PT Design | SKT Service Page Inside Creative

Skytree PT’s design expertise meets your aggressive design needs and brings the following benefits:

Reduced Beam and Slab ThicknessSkytree team considers deflection as a design controlling factor. It reduces the deflection level to a minimum to get a thinner slab and beam system and decrease building stories and height.

Economic Foundations and ColumnsPT design of Skytree results in an economic foundation and columns that help safely transfer gravity and lateral loads from the superstructure to the soil without any undue deformation.

BIM Coordination of PT DesignsBIM coordination of PT designs helps develop detailed working and shop drawings to avoid any conflict in the field.

3D BIM Modeling of TendonsOur 3D BIM modeling of tendons provides detailed data and information for project coordination and constructability checks.

Innovative Concrete ComponentsSkytree PT design engineers support developing innovative concrete components that are thinner, longer, and stronger than before.

Skytree PT Designs Ensure Economic and Durable Concrete Structure

Skytree provides comprehensive post-tensioning design solutions for various projects from the 2D frame and 3D finite element analysis, preliminary design, material and cost estimation, 3D BIM modeling of tendons, and BIM coordination of PT designs to shop drawing to final drawings. Our PT design and reinforced system includes but is not limited to one-way and two-way flat slabs and plates, waffle slabs, beam frames, specialized PT walls, beams, joists, etc. Skytree team uses advanced technology and software applications for analysis, modeling, troubleshooting, and design.

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