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BIM Services

BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new approach to the design and documentation of various building projects. Skytree Consulting aims to empower designers, architects, engineers, and contractors through its BIM services. The BIM MEP services by Skytree Consulting provide holistic solutions to your project problems through a comprehensive view of the actual elements of the construction projects.

The building design and modeling team of Skytree includes architects, designers, and MEP engineers that support creating 2D and 3D digital representations of the construction projects. The BIM consultants are Revit architecture experts, suggesting to clients the right balance of the 4th and 5th dimensions in the BIM model. Skytree Consulting adheres to global construction guidelines and uses 3D CAD software for pre-construction designs. 

BIM Modeling Services by Skytree Consulting

Skytree Consulting delivers customized BIM services, carefully tailored to contain data and the level of detail required by the client. Our range of building information modeling services include:

Point Cloud to BIM Services

Our point cloud to BIM services creates information-rich, as-built Revit models from point cloud data. These Revit models support retrofitting, refurbishment, and renovation of existing facilities.

BIM MEP Services

BIM MEP services list MEP design visualization, HVAC system installation, and energy simulation. It supports MEP construction and coordination without any clash.

BIM Clash Detection Services

Skytree has a highly experienced and qualified BIM team to support clash identification using BIM coordination. Identification of design interferences in BIM models reduces design faults and inefficiencies.

Revit Family Creation

The Revit family creation services of Skytree create a Revit family of section models to display parameters of actual equipment and imperative geometrical components of various elements. It supports accurate model creation, analysis, and estimation.

4D BIM Services

With our 4D BIM simulation services, you can simulate and model the construction project on real-time parameters- cost and time. 4D simulation supports the visualization of entire construction events throughout the project’s lifetime.

5D Modeling Services

BIM 5D modeling services monitor actual costs and construction material procurement plans during the project’s construction phase based on BIM quantities and 4D scheduling. The team also helps in lifetime costing and construction bid estimates.

BIM Quantity Take-off Services

Our construction quantity take-off services enable verification of RA bills, cost monitoring, floating tenders, project bids, and more. We support accurately planning the project budget based on milestones.

Shop Drawing Services

IFC fabricators of Skytree extract shop drawings and structural elevation from the BIM model. MEP teams and project coordinators can refer to these sectional drawings for construction planning and timeline adherence.

Dynamo Integration to Revit

Dynamo integration with Revit provides scripts for repetitive tasks automation, asses design performance, and creates several design options. It also supports in easy management of Revit data.

BIM Model Auditing Services

The BIM specialists at Skytree help audit your BIM project on design, cost, and timeline sustainability. Our auditing services suggest changes to optimize the project’s sustainability.

Benefits of Skytree BIM Services

Skytree provides a comprehensive BIM solution for your construction project tailored to the different needs and requirements of projects. The benefits Skytree offers are:

Application of the Latest and Updated Software – At Skytree, We use updated tools like Autodesk Revit, Naviswork, and ArchiCAD for pre-construction planning and quality service.

Develop BIM Models for LOD 100 to LOD 500Our highly skilled engineers can develop BIM models for several levels of development from LOD 100 to LOD 500 based on the required BIM output.

Adherence to ISO and Global BIM StandardsOur BIM services adhere to ISO guidelines and global BIM standards, such as National and BIS guidelines.

Data-driven ApproachSkytreee follows a data-driven approach to enable people, processes, and technology to deliver a complete solution to clients.

Approach Skytree for End-to-End BIM Solutions

BIM adoption in AEC projects enhances project quality and sustainability with increased collaboration, saving construction costs, fast project execution, and other advantages. Skytree offers high-quality and comprehensive BIM solutions with LOD specifications, detailed documentation, energy simulation, etc. With a team of BIM experts, engineers, architects, and software developers, Skytree strives to provide BIM solutions at a competitive price and timeline.

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