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CIM Services

CIM Services | Skytree

Civil Information Modeling Services

The construction industry is shifting to a fully integrated ‘Design to Construction’ workflow termed Civil Information Modeling or Construction Information Modeling (CIM). CIM services streamline the AEC workflow from design, reviews, and cost estimates to construction and as-built.

The CIM services from Skytree include detailed 3D models and add other dimensions, like time and cost, to extract and analyze the intelligent components added to the design. Skytree ensures accurate project planning with its CIM solutions and increases communication and collaboration among the project stakeholders right from the project planning phase.

The Range of CIM Services from Skytree

Skytree team of civil and structural engineering experts includes construction specialists, engineers, architects, material experts, and BIM experts, ensuring specific and customized CIM solutions for your project. The list of our CIM services are:

Heavy Construction Services

Skytreee helps in heavy construction – CIM services include collecting data from different sources, such as spatial, geographical, and historical information about the land and property. We perform survey layout, machine control grading, 3D laser scanning, and expand a BIM model-both in space and time to develop high-definition structures.

Horizontal Project Services

Skytree provides CIM for horizontal projects such as tunnels, bridges, sewer pipes, highways, etc. We collect external and inter-connected data related to the structure, including site conditions, soil types, bedrock conditions, groundwater levels, traffic, and other data for analysis. Our detailed 3D model includes various elements and sub-elements to avoid clash and conflict in horizontal construction.

BIM & CIM Integrated Modeling

We help restructure existing heavy construction, horizontal construction, or any other project. Our engineers and architects can effectively integrate all the BIM files of the existing structure into a shared virtual space of CIM. We include historical and 2D information about the project in the CIM model for deep analysis and correct alterations.

LiDAR Check Services

Skytree uses rapid scanning technology, Light detection, and ranging (LiDAR) to capture internal and external geometries of the structure. Our engineers convert the data collected in 3D point clouds into a 3D model and plug it into the CIM model. We also do detailed surveys of internal geometries like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems to develop new 3D models in CIM.

City Information Modeling

Our city information modeling services capture as-built conditions of utilizes and features, both above and below-ground infrastructure, using 3D laser scanning, electromagnetic locators, ground penetrating radar, and computer-aided radar tomography. Additional factors included are-traffic congestion, housing supply & demand, environmental damage, etc. We weave all information together and develop designs with minimum risk, precision, and accuracy.

Benefits of Skytree Civil Information Modeling Services

Benefits of Skytree CIM Services | Skytree

Skytree CIM services are based on BIM principles and provided in a civil infrastructure context. Our CIM services help construct projects of different scales, bringing the following benefits:

Creative and Specific DesignSkytree architects and engineers explore different design alternatives, considering various renewable energy technologies and project-specific requirements.

Supports Data-driven Decision MakingOur CIM services provide a unified visual platform of city infrastructure supporting data-driven decision-making, such as how scheduled road construction would affect the city’s transportation system.

Tracking and Mapping Real-time ActivityCIM acts as a dynamic simulation by incorporating data from IoT devices and sensors into CIM virtual space. It helps track and analyze real-time activity in the real world.

Fast Design-Change ManagementSkytree architects and engineers are experts in problem-solving and give quick design change options and solutions during the project course.

Usage of Advanced Technology & Software SolutionsSkytree team holds expertise in BIM technology and uses advanced tools like Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Navisworks, MicroStation, InRoads, and GEOPAK.

Skytree Consulting Provides Customized CIM Solutions

Skytree Consulting handles CIM projects of different scales, from single buildings to heavy and horizontal projects like bridges, tunnels, roads, and highways. The expertise of our architects and engineers in BIM services and related tools helps them develop detailed, precise, and accurate 3D models analyzing the relationship between buildings, sites, environmental conditions, and other objects. Skytree customizes its CIM solutions based on the project’s specific requirements and sustainable features.

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