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BIM Consultation Services

Even though you got the construction designs or models, what if the designs have feasibility issues or lack regional construction compliance? These are some of the scenarios when experienced BIM consultants can help audit the designs, models, and the entire process for smooth stakeholder approval.

Skytree Consulting offers to hire BIM consultants for long-term projects or ad-hoc hourly basis. With over a decade of industry presence and a seasoned engineering team, Skytree ensures dedicated BIM consultants for managing projects round-the-clock in different time zones across the globe. Be it design audits, model visualization, design modification, or stakeholder presentation, our engagement models are simple and transparent.

Our Dedicated BIM Consultation Services

Skytree BIM experts analyze the project objectives and the geographical feasibility and provide design suggestions aligned to regional construction compliances. Hire our BIM consultants for any one or all of the following tasks:

Design Audit & Modification

Our BIM consultants perform a comprehensive design audit and suggest changes complying with global BIM standards. We audit the model from LOD 200-500, including feasibility tests and suggestions to avoid compromised details, incorrect addition of critical information, etc.

BIM Model Visualization

We export the 3D BIM model created in Revit or other software and navigate the modeled design in real-time. It provides a view that can be easily interpreted, identify discrepancies, misplaced or flying objects, and perform corrections.

MEP Clash Detection

MEP clash detection service identifies soft and hard clashes in the MEP system, makes model changes, and creates clash detection reports. It finds and avoids possible risks, loss in efficiency, and cost overruns.

Retrofitting Compliance

Our retrofitting compliance service determines the project’s compliance with the specific city or geographical region requirement. We recommend required corrections to meet health and safety, energy conservation, and other compliance requirements.

BIM Coordination

BIM coordination facilitates multidisciplinary clash detection among architectural, structural, and MEP systems. We provide a clash report dashboard, identify, and resolve hard and soft clashes, iteratively implement required design changes, and facilitate the entire building design coordination phase.

Stakeholder Presentation

BIM technology facilitates better stakeholder coordination and presentation by presenting an immersive project view on one platform. Facility managers and owners design, manage and update facilities in reduced time and cost.

Value Provided by Skytree BIM Consultation

Benefits of Hiring Skytree BIM Consultants | Benefits Section Banner

As part of our BIM services, the BIM team aims to unburden the project teams and architects by supporting them with visualized models, detailed drawings, and extracted construction calendars. Here are the benefits holistically:

End-to-End BIM Model AuditingSkytree provides end-to-end model auditing, including constriction design, fabrication model, MEP clashes, schedules, etc.

Global Compliant BIM ModelWe follow a comprehensive model auditing process to ensure the model complies with international BIM standards.

Improves Coordination & ProductivityAs our BIM consultants are backed by a team of engineers, the turnaround is faster, and deliverables are much more accurate.

Clash-detection for Complex ProjectsThe vast exposure of Skytree BIM consultants across domains gives them an edge in the accurate clash detection of complex projects.

Hire Skytree BIM Consultants for Smooth and Timely Project Delivery

Skytree works with organizations as their strategic BIM partner by understanding their specific BIM implementation needs and tailoring their BIM solutions accordingly. Our BIM solutions consider factors like reduced re-work, project duration, and cost to bring optimum value to the project and organization. You can leverage the expertise of Skytree BIM consultants by hiring and getting fast stakeholder approval.

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