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CAD Services

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CAD Services

CAD has made the life of architects as well as project teams much easier, with options to visualize, scale, and rectify clashes in the construction drawings. Skytree provides CAD services to create an accurate design and detailing of the construction drawings throughout the project.

Be it from legacy hand-drawn building designs or sketches to 2D to 3D CAD conversion, Skytree ensures not only accuracy but maintains standardizations. Our CAD experts, designers, and detailers ensure all technical drawings and documentation gets reviewed with the required engineering point of view to be used as the final construction reference.

CAD Services Provided by Skytree

With a skilled team of architects, designers, and drafters, Skytree offers a comprehensive CAD solution for a project from architectural drafting to Steel and RCC detailing. Skytree provides CAD services in the following areas:

RCC Detailing & Bar Bending Schedule

Skytree prepares Civil-RCC designs, detailed drawings, and Bar bending schedules from the design valid for construction. We provide tender documents for RCC construction, preparation of general arrangement drawings, enquires to contractors, review bids, etc.

Structural Steel Detailing & Material Takeoff

Structural steel detailing with CAD software develops plans, estimates, erection, shop drawings, reports, and tasks more accurately and precisely. We also provide 3d steel modeling, framing plans, bills of materials, etc.

Architectural Drafting

Our 2D CAD architectural drafting services include architectural layouts, elevation drawings, as-built drawings, architectural mark-up plans, floor and roof plans, building sectional drawings, etc. We also provide 2D house plans in CAD.

MEP Drafting

We offer precise MEP drafting and detailing to meet MEP design needs, including schematic heating and cooling system detailing, electrical system drafting, isometric drawings of the plumbing system, riser diagrams, MEP final as-built drafting, etc.

PDF to CAD Conversion

Skytree can convert a wide range of drawings stored as PDFs, including architectural drawings, product designs, construction blueprints, MEP layouts, etc., into precise CAD drawings. With cutting-edge technology, we accurately convert PDF raster images to CAD vectors, PDF to CAD to 3D models, or reformatting.

Fabrication & Shop Drawing

We use the latest CAD technology for various fabrication drawings, such as steel member detail drawings, tender drawings, sketch drawings, and detailed design drawings. Our shop drawings include technical workshop drawings, converting existing plans into shop drawings, adjustments to existing blueprints, etc.

Reasons to Outsource CAD Services to Skytree

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Skytree CAD services support clients in developing a comprehensive design through an optimized design process. Listed are a few reasons to outsource CAD services to Skytree:

Expertise in Latest CAD Technology – The designers and drafters at Skytree use the latest CAD technology and tools, such as AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidEdge, etc., to their best potential for RCC detailing, MEP detailing, structural steel detailing, etc.

Customized Technical OfferingWe customize the final product based on your requirement considering all the technical specifications and details.

BMS and IBMS Enabled MEP ModelsThe MEP models developed by Skytree are Building management systems and Integrated Building management systems enabled and allow component changes to get reflected across the model.

Highly Secured Information StorageWe offer highly secure information storage for proprietary design and ensure 100% data security.

Skilled Team and Best PricingSkytree has a highly skilled workforce, and we offer the best pricing standard customized to your project complexity and engagement model.

Skytree Ensures High-Quality and Professional CAD Services

The exposure and expertise of the Skytree team in the advanced and latest CAD technology ensure high-quality service delivery. We provide CAD services for various industrial, commercial, and residential projects through optimum and accurate detailing, drawing, and technical documentation. Approach our representatives to get more information about our services and book a consultation.

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