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Structural Assessment & Rehabilitation

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Structural Assessment and Rehabilitation Services | Skytree

Structural Assessment & Rehabilitation

All buildings and structures require periodic inspection to assess their adequacy, structural strength, structure soundness, and components. Structural assessment and rehabilitation services ensure the structure’s future use and conformance to the current building code.

Skytree offers Structural Assessment and Rehabilitation solutions to several projects across industries. Skytree follows a systematic approach to assess the structure’s health, from site visits and visual inspection surveys, detailed investigation, structural health diagnosis, repair and replacement philosophy, and maintenance schedule. The team uses various tools and methodologies for structural assessment and testing, such as non-destructive and semi-destructive tests, rebound hammer tests, ultrasonic pulse velocity tests, etc.

Skytree Structural Assessment and Rehabilitation Services

Along with our civil and structural engineering services, we provide the following structural assessment and rehabilitation solutions:

Structural Soundness Assessment

Skytree performs structural soundness assessment using methods like non-destructive tests, semi-destructive tests, independent analysis, and design checks of as-built structures. We perform a visual inspection with these tests, get details about structural defects, damages, distress, and material deformation, and identify the load and other force-bearing capacities of the existing structure.

Structural Stability Assessment

We do structural stability assessments for change in occupancy, future expansion, and proposed modification as per the latest Indian or international standards. The team conducts a visual inspection, RCC scanning, chemical test, cover meter test, rebound hammer test, ultrasonic pulse velocity test, etc., of various structural elements.

Structural Adequacy Assessment

At Skytree, structural adequacy assessment for seismic forces includes the methodology of condition assessment of the structure, visual inspection, and NDE. We gather information on structures’ architectural and structural drawings, assess performance characteristics of similar building types in past earthquakes, and perform rapid evaluations of strength, materials, structural details, etc.

Fire and Calamity Damaged Structure Assessment

We perform several on-site and lab tests to assess buildings damaged due to fire or calamity. Tests like hammer soundings, rebound hammer, ultrasonic pulse velocity testing, petrographic examination, and reinforcement testing help determine the degree of deterioration.

Assessment of Welded Fabricated Steel Structures

The tests – Dye penetrate test, Magnetic particle inspection, and Ultrasonic testing helps assess the quality of welded fabricated steel structures. We identify corrosion, destress, and fatigue, such as stress life, strain life, and linear elastic fracture mechanics.

Structural Rehabilitation

We re-establish the materials, form, and structure appearance and strengthen the structure along with the structural system complying with all forced code provisions. Our restoration and retrofitting schemes upgrade the structure to meet the present needs.

What Structural Assessment Benefits Skytree Brings

Benefits of Skytree Structural Assessment Services | Skytree

With a team of experienced professionals, Skytree performs a comprehensive structural assessment and rehabilitation program. The solutions bring the following benefits:

Analysis & Design of Existing StructureAt Skytree, we prepare as-built drawings for the analysis of existing structures using several methodologies.

Design of Repair, Strengthening, and Retrofitting SchemesWe prepare the design of repair, strengthening, and retrofitting schemes after the visual inspection and thorough analysis to streamline the process workflow.

Budgetary Cost EstimationOur budgetary cost estimation gives a potential cost change of the RC beams, columns, and other structural changes required in retrofitting.

Feasible Repair or Replacement PhilosophyThe factors included for repair or replacement of the structure are the purpose of the strengthening with its cost economics, investment, and feasibility of strengthening work.

Maintenance ScheduleWe also recommend a maintenance schedule of structure-based structural study, audit, and assessment for longer life of the structure.

A Comprehensive Structural Assessment and Rehabilitation Solution from Skytree

Structural assessment and rehabilitation are challenging tasks, requiring specific domain knowledge and understanding of structural health, integrity, and safety. At Skytree, our experienced structural engineering team correlates the structural analysis report and assessment results with safety and stability to give a comprehensive solution. We provide a detailed report covering structural distress reasons before formulating the rehabilitation program. And the rehabilitation program gets supported by our maintenance schedule.

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