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Skytree Morrow Suss Engineering Services LLP

Skytree Consulting Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. has entered into a strategic partnership with Morrow Suss Solutions (P) Ltd. to accentuate the traditional engineering services with the use of latest technology, domain expertise and global experience to stay extremely relevant to the construction industry in delivering sustainable and end-to-end engineering solutions, globally.

The larger purpose of this collaboration is to bring together the wherewithal for delivering full scale services and broaden the value added client offerings catering to Architecture, Civil, Structural, MEP, and HVAC engineering requirements completely integrated with multi-dimensional Building Information Modeling (BIM) services.

We bring together extensive leadership experience to complement inter-disciplinary strengths in supporting building environment creation and management by Architects, Engineers, Promoters, Developers, Consultants, Contractors, PMCs, Real Estate Agencies and various other stakeholders in enabling value at all stages across different project lifecycles.

We have a key focus to harness advanced BIM technology for value engineering as a game changer to help improve the construction productivity as well as the level of integration and collaboration across a broad spectrum of disciplines in the construction value chain.

We are committed to address the construction industry with evangelist approach by continual improvement in technology implementation and innovative processes in the areas construction management, project management and finance management.  This approach is intended to achieve operational efficiencies and effectiveness overall that save significant costs and time in several construction projects at different sites and geographies while enhancing stakeholder value.

We hope that every client truly reaps the benefits of our offerings by integrating them into their project workflows, say from feasibility study to facility management.

We envisage that our value added services will grow with time and will inspire more advanced and innovative use of technology.

Our proposition covers “Value Engineering Services Integrated with Building Information Modeling” and “Compelling Project Visualization Aids”.


  1. Value engineering from the project at concept to design to execution stages and final commissioning.
  2. Virtual design construction to control the entire gamut of construction activities using appropriate visualization tools.
  3. Simplification of situations for all the stake holders who cannot afford to spend their prime time in understanding the details of complexities in the projects and hence can make the right decision at right time at right stage of the project.
  4. Engineering in traditional manner for those who like it at the basics and for others making a blend with the new ideas of BIM.
  5. Provide tangible results with end-to-end solutions via BIM in facilities management which is a vast area and often companies spend countless man hours without getting much value with traditional approach.
  6. Renovation of the old buildings becomes a challenge due to lack of engineering data and we strive to arrive at such data for improved engineering solutions.
  7. Providing Building Automation and Building Management Solutions for economical building maintenance and environmental sustainability with intelligence for improved safety and security.
  8. Providing “Scan to BIM” with use of latest laser technologies including LiDAR for accurate modeling and creation of “As-built” data that address condition assessment, building management, asset management and valuation. These services cover buildings, plants, ports, infrastructure and city scanning as a whole for City 3D Modeling for Smart City and Port applications.
  9. Providing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality aids for improved project promotion and remote visualization by various stakeholders, sellers and buyers.
  10. Providing various engagement models including nearsite-onsite-offshore components for achieving desired speed in project execution.


Madhav Maroju


Madhav is a product of CEPT University, India. He is an Architect/Planner. He comes with entrepreneurial experience and executive leadership covering engineering, technology and business management. Besides, having focus on design and engineering in built environments and infrastructure, he leads business initiatives and implementation of appropriate technologies including Scan to BIM, LiDAR, Internet of Things, Building Automation and Building Management Systems. He is actively involved in Smart Cities, Smart Ports and Urban Management advisory and consulting.

He is experienced in building and operating R&D Centers, Offshore Development Establishments, Extended Development Centers in outsourcing business frameworks and environments. Extensive involvement in Business Modeling, Business Planning, Investor Relations, Go To Market Strategies, Branding and Program Implementations.

Multiple discipline domain experience and expertise that help understand wide spectrum of business functions and how they interrelate to create value. Practices and advocates Value Creation and Business Growth via Frugal Innovation and Outsourcing non-core activities.

Satish Kumar M.Tech, FIE, CEng

Satish is a seasoned structural engineer. Having experience and virtue of nature, he is traditional as well as quick adapter to latest technology in the global construction industry. He has led many Techno-commercial teams in esteem organisations like Accenture, TCE, and Middle East reputed companies.

Always think with newer ideas and allows innovation at all levels. Firmly believes in providing best solutions to challenging problems of the client. His diversified experience in designing of high rise buildings infrastructure projects power plant structures, BIM, CIM. Being tech savvy has passion for discovering something new from very obvious; this helps him to take up successful challenges in technology & business.  Expert in forming efficient conglomeration with domain companies & bringing unified one stop solutions to the clients.

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