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BIM Implementation Challenges Encountered in Construction Industry

April 1, 2023 0 Comments blog
The introduction of BIM technology has transformed the AEC industry with its 3D visualization, data management, collaboration, real-time scheduling, and other advanced features. Though many AEC firms want to capitalize on these BIM advantages, the major challenge comes in the form of planning and BIM implementation.

BIM is no longer new, but expertise is required for BIM execution to get the most out of the project cycle. The technical, financial, legal, and managerial challenges hinder the widespread implementation of BIM despite the many benefits that BIM offers.

Top 5 BIM Implementation Challenges

List few major BIM implementation challenges encountered by AEC industries are as follows:

Managing Large Volume, Velocity, and Variety of BIM Data

BIM data gets sourced from multiple sources, such as different design disciplines, software, companies, etc. Each source presents the data differently, challenging BIM managers to manage a large volume, velocity, and variety of BIM data.

The manual processes and workflow to manage the fast-moving BIM data are difficult as models get updated frequently, weekly, or daily. Transforming and unifying the data, making it fit for the purpose, become challenging for managers. Automation to process and standardize the large volume of data can solve the problem.

Interoperability Challenges

BIM is a collaborative process and requires technical functionality to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of users. Project stakeholders usually face challenges in BIM data sharing and complain about interoperability. They find difficulty in sharing files between the different operating systems and users, causing hindrance in BIM uptake.

Different BIM models require a common language to share data and files across applications. Industry Foundation Class (IFC) helps in effective communication between stakeholders and supports the use of different official file formats.

Resistance to Collaboration

Collaboration in AEC projects produces exceptional outcomes like lower rework, cost savings, and project adherence to the timeline. Architects resist collaborating with structural engineers or contractors on several structural elements like walls, stairs, roofs, etc. They cannot leverage complete BIM capabilities to the project or business forward. Factors contributing to making architects resistant to collaboration are:
  • Cost of collaboration.
  • Complexing in adopting BIM process and tools.
  • Lack of understanding of project scope or design intent.
  • Performance unreliability or instability based on online storage or access.
  • Data security concerns.

Resistance to Adopt Technical Change

BIM adoption in companies necessitates a change in the operations of the construction industry. With better planning comes greater responsibility for perfect execution. It reduces the chances of error and puts huge pressure on performance. These factors lead to resistance to technological changes. A change from CAD to 3D BIM conversion is challenging for AEC firms and requires a firm grip on BIM processes to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings using tools like Revit architecture. It requires a change in the mindset of architects to adapt to technological changes and extract accurate architectural construction drawings.

Financial Constraint

The cost perspective of BIM implementation includes the cost and benefits of its implementation and return on investment. The cost of purchasing the pertinent software, hardware, and staff training hinders an organization from adopting BIM. BIM has proved its cost-effectiveness for larger projects compared to smaller projects. Many believe BIM investment pays in the long run and requires more efficient planning and project management.  

Skytree Helps in BIM Execution Planning and Implementation

Skytree Helps in BIM Execution Planning and Implementation | SKT Blog Inside Creative

AEC firms require a level of BIM expertise to adopt and implement BIM. Skytree Consulting, a tenured BIM service provider, provides effective BIM execution planning for various scales of projects to leverage BIM benefits. The BIM experts at Skytree support automating data processing and overcoming interoperability and collaboration challenges among the stakeholders. A well-panned BEP helps streamline design workflows, collaborate better, make informed challenges, and achieve client expectations.

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