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Use Cases and Construction Design Practices of Scan to BIM

June 27, 2023 0 Comments blog
Scan to BIM has been a well-known term in the construction industry for some time now. The technology is known for capturing the physical space, site, or building using a 3D laser scanner. The data collected in point clouds form get utilized to create a 3D BIM model, representing the physical and functional characteristics of the physical space.

Scan to BIM has become standard practice for renovating, refurbishing, retrofitting, or reconstructing buildings, especially of large size or complex design. Gradual advancement in technology, such as mobile laser scanning, terrestrial tripod-based laser scanners, and photogrammetry, has increased its area of application and usage.

Use Cases and Practices of Scan to BIM

The Scan to BIM process works primarily in four stages – Identification of required information, Scan planning, Scanning, and 3D modeling. Here are some of the use cases and practices of the technology throughout the construction industry:

As-Built Models and Drawings

In the design phase of a construction project, as-built models of the construction site and its surroundings give designers a better understanding of the site conditions and make informative decisions during project design.

For renovation projects, Laser scanners scan the constructed buildings, and the BIM model gets developed using the point cloud scans. By comparing as-built 3D models with the designed BIM model, we can compare the tolerance value specified in relevant codes and regulations.

Virtual Installation During Construction

Scan to BIM results in accurate as-built models of construction that support virtual installation and assemblies. Scan to BIM can simulate the installation and assembly process in a virtual environment. It helps identify potential problems or clashes before installation, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Documentation of Built Properties

Existing buildings not with proper documentation of their design and functionality can use Scan to BIM. The technology helps create as-built 3D BIM models and a source of documentation. The documentation helps in managing facilities. Scan to BIM can perform documentation of even complex geometries and textures of the building.

The documentation helps in buildings operation and management, space management, renovation planning, emergency management, etc.


Building Performance Analysis

Analysis of 3D models created from laser scan data can help architects and engineers identify potential problems like cracks, deformations, and any irregularities not visible to the naked eye. The technology supports non-invasive building analysis by identifying potential issues without costly and time-consuming destructive testing or invasive inspection.

We can perform structural analysis, performance analysis, and accessibility diagnosis and improve a building’s performance related to energy consumption, accessibility, and structural reliability.


Before demolishing any building part or structure, surveyors or surveying companies require a complete understanding of the building structure and all physical functionalities. Scan to BIM helps gather required information, and BIM models give all relevant information for informed decision-making.

Surveyors can visualize the structure and its adjacent spaces. They can get detailed spatial layouts and visualization of how building components in a project structure will co-exist and function. Simulation BIM models can help create effective solutions for the actual demolition of the building, causing minimum environmental impact and surrounding areas.

Scan to BIM Solution by Skytree

As part of the BIM services, Skytree Consulting offers Scan to BIM solutions and provides point cloud modeling for architectural/structural designs and Revit MEP designs. Our BIM experts and designers develop parametric 3D and 2D CAD models capturing architectural, structural, and MEP elements for various projects. Skytree as-built models support validation, planning, interference checks, MEP or construction element demolition, and more.

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